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Improve your booking experience with our fidelity points payment method!
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Booking is easy with EasyPreno, the marketplace of experiences planned by Organizers which simplifies the possibility to create personalized experiences. From the choice of experiences to enjoy, the simplicity of finding the right solution for you, to the comfort of activating all the experiences you booked in a few simple steps:
1. Book with ease thanks to our fidelity points, PrenoPoints , and discover all of their benefits
2. Download your automatically generated PrenoCode
3. Print it or bring it with you directly on your phone
4. Enjoy all the experiences you booked thanks to your PrenoCode !


A world of offers and opportunities to discover new territories, planned in detail to give you a stress-free user experience. The possibility to get to know the history, the culture and the culinary traditions, as well as to experience the sports activities and gatherings of the territories promoted by EasyPreno is ensured to all:
you will be able to view all the services on EasyPreno divided by level of accessibility and facilities dedicated to disabled people which will allow you to live your unforgettable experiences in total comfort.


A technological system designed to ensure an exceptional user experience for you:
selection of the territories’ best experiences, which can be filtered based on your necessities, to the creation of a universal access key which will make enjoying your experiences a no brainer.
EasyPreno is the result of in-depth research, bringing together cutting edge softwares and attention to the individual and the territory.
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EasyPreno makes your buying experience so much easier , thanks to the PrenoPoints!


For every purchase done by any of the available payment methods you will be awarded PrenoPoints, EasyPreno’s loyalty points system, that you will be able to collect in your personal area and use to lower the total cost of your cart or pay the total. Do you need more points? You can get them directly on EasyPreno!


Once collected or accumulated, EasyPreno’s loyalty points have no expiry and you can use them to book experiences in only a handful of seconds: you can forget about the other payment options! Using PrenoPoints to book and your PrenoCode to activate your reservations, your EasyPreno experience will become impossibly faster and easier!


You want to request the refund of your points after a return or cancellation of your order? Only by booking with PrenoPoints you will get the reimbursement of your points in seconds, avoiding other payment options’ long waiting times, ready to be used on the platform! Booking with PrenoPoints is convenient: you’ll get back all of your loyalty points without any bank charges or connected to the payment method!


You’ve had a last minute setback and you want to cancel your reservation the day of the event? With PrenoPoints allows you to cancel up until the very last minute! Only by booking entirely with loyalty points you will have the right to receive a refund of 5% of the points you spent, with no further charges: a one in a million opportunity!
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Let yourself be inspired by the offers on EasyPreno, filter the experiences according to your necessities (also based on the level of accessibility) and book your experience! Once you’ve completed your reservation you will receive your PrenoCode: each code corresponds to a unique experience that you can enjoy without worries! If you want to make your reservations even easier, find out how to use PrenoPoints !


PrenoCode is simplicity in every phase of its use .
All you have to do is download the code you receive via email on your device: you can decide whether to take it with you in paper or digital version directly on your phone.
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Your experience with EasyPreno awaits you, access it with a simple gesture: show your PrenoCode (in paper or digital version) to validate the booking and enjoy your unforgettable experiences with us!


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Vigevano, the City of Made in Italy
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Traces of Bramante and Leonardo in Vigevano
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Visconti Sforza Castle - Ducal Plaza
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