Fidelity Voucher

Fidelity Voucher
Fidelity Voucher
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Booking your experiences with the EasyPreno fidelity points is simple, fast and convenient. You receive them after completing other orders and you can use them to lower the price of your cart or even to pay the entire price. Not only!

By using PrenoPoints you will also have:
• Preferential return conditions
• Fast transactions
• Facilitated microtransactions
Amazing, right?

How can you enjoy all these advantages when you have run out of your loyalty points or you don't have enough?

EasyPreno has the perfect solution: our Fidelity Voucher allows you to get all the PrenoPoints you need, paying commissions only once to book everything you want!
The Fidelity Voucher allows you to get all the points you want in one fell swoop to use on all the experiences that can be booked with EasyPreno, saving on bank commissions!

Buy the Fidelity Voucher of the value you want, starting from €10, redeem your points and use them how and when you want!

15€ (VAT included) => 1500 PrenoPoints
30€ (VAT included) => 3000 PrenoPoints
50€ (VAT included) => 5000 PrenoPoints

Each cent for the purchase of the Fidelity Voucher corresponds to one point.